AI in production: Roobits Events360

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What would you do if you were writing an application which had to process one billion events per day? I would call Aayush Arora. He is an expert in Google Cloud and a co-founder of Roobits - a startup that pushes message queues to the limit.

Roobits software Events360 offers an SDK to collect events from mobile phone applications in real-time, sends them to the Cloud PubSub service, and allows the users to access them using BigQuery.

With Events360, businesses get real-time insights of their customers with a latency of 2-3 seconds. Events360 is optimized for Google Cloud and lets its customers cut the cost of using cloud services significantly.

With a highly scalable and robust pipeline, Events360 aims to solve any problem related to generating insights from high data volume.

Some of the use cases of this can be:

  1. Accurately attributing data from large marketing channels

  2. Developing a personalized website experience using real-time data.

  3. Ad offerings in real-time

  4. Developing Customer journeys

According to Aayush Arora, their solution is very cost-effective. Currently, Roobits is offering a one-week free trial to interested businesses who want to test their software.

Events360 automatically stores information such as the IP address, the page title, referrer, user agent, and the current timestamp. In addition to the automatically stored data, you can add up to 99 custom dimensions. Because of that, Roobits Events360 may be the right choice if you are processing time-series data about visitors to your website.

As usual, I asked Aayash Arora about a book recommendation. He says that both co-founders of Roobits followed “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” by heart because they are MIT Bootcamp graduates.

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