Bartosz Mikulski - AI consultant
Bartosz Mikulski

Bartosz Mikulski

Hi, I'm Bartosz – AI Consultant and Data Engineer. I help companies leverage AI to drive growth and innovation by building Business Process Automations with AI

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Martyna Urbanek-Trzeciak

Product Manager (Data Engineering)

I worked with Bartosz while he was a member of Data Engineering team at Fandom. He is very professional and open to share his knowledge with his teammates and beyond. His approach was always very data-driven and he has great knowledge in Data Engineering area what made him very valuable partner in discussions.

Krzysztof Pniewski

Product Manager

I had the pleasure to work with Bartosz at Fandom, shaping the Data Engineering department. Bartosz is an absolute worth recommendation as Senior Data Engineer, he has shown his engagement, diligence, and customer-centric approach in any activity he was performing. He was always willing to help customers, teammates with extreme patience and a result-oriented attitude. Additionally, he was always able to find a time to learn, and mentor others by writing multiple branch-specific articles.

Mariusz Kuriata

Senior Manager of Engineering - Head of Ops

It was my pleasure to work with Bartosz. Bartosz is a dedicated and experienced Data Engineer who showed a range of skills and readiness to help. I appreciated that I could count on Bartosz to lead sophisticated technical projects. Highly recommend!

Awesome @scala_lang talk 🀩 You included so many simple and yet effective ideas/mind hacks to repair the sometimes cumbersome habits of software engineers πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ Thanks for all the provided inspiration

MANY thanks to @mikulskibartosz for YOUR excellent talk abt #DDD with #Scala @jugthde πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ So many great thoughts and laugths πŸ˜… If you can manage to hear @mikulskibartosz, do it πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ You won’t regret it!

A participant in a Python workshop

Everything was conducted excellently. A broad scope of knowledge but presented gradually, so it was clear what resulted from what.

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