One thing can improve LambdaDays

Complaining about some disappointing talks is pointless. I should draw a conclusion from my poor choices and choose something better next year. Also I believe that if you speak at tech events you can learn something even during a terrible talk.

Instead of that I will focus on a real problem which in my opinion can be fixed.

Food location

At LambdaDays food is located in the worst place possible. Placing food trays and coffee machines in a long, narrow corridor then blocking a half of it with tables could not end up well.

Fortunately, in the building there are two exhibition rooms (on the second floor). If food were moved upstairs you would have more space for sponsors and we would avoid “traffic jams” nearby coffee machines ;)

Obviously, such change would force us to go upstairs to get some coffee or snacks. Some people would complain about it. You should ignore their complaints for two reasons:

  • There are elevators in the building. The elevators should be properly marked and used only by people who cannot walk (or who should avoid walking). Otherwise we will end up with a huge queue to an elevator…

  • Programmers sit all day long. One day we will die because of a disease caused by prolonged sitting.

You can force us to walk more. No one is going to thank you but our bodies will be grateful.

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